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  • Published: April 17, 2024

  • Updated: April 18, 2024

From the construction industry to e-commerce or retail order-picking operations, there is a ladder to fit your height access requirements.

Our ladder range comes in high-quality aluminium or electrically-safe fibreglass. Aluminium ladders are ideal for everyday work in most situations, whereas non-conductive fibreglass ladders are instead for sites such as in the electrical trade. Our ladder designs aim to improve the health and safety of worksites across New Zealand and comply with the AS/NZS 1892:2018 standard of compliance for ladders in New Zealand.

Extension Ladders

Standard extension ladders quickly raise and lower, allowing you to choose the correct height, while the step-extension ladders can be used either as a step ladder or an extension ladder. In the step ladder position, it can support itself without leaning against a wall, or it can easily fold out to full length as an extension ladder. Our Extension ladders are highly stable, industrial-grade ladders that are ideal for use by a home DIY enthusiast or industry professional. With a patented resin bracing system for added strength and durability, these non-slip ladders can bear a massive 150kg in load weight. All of our extension ladders are New Zealand certified up to 150kg.

Platform Ladders

Platform ladders provide a sturdy standing platform, enabling safer working at heights. This range is an ideal option for order-picking in e-commerce industries or for working at heights for an extended period. Our platform ladders are robust and compact and easy to relocate. Platform ladders are often the only type of ladder allowed on New Zealand construction sites because of the large platform and front handrail, which allows three points of contact with the ladder at any time. With a fold-flat design, these ladders are convenient for use around the home, as well as being an efficient way of accessing heights on work sites.

Step Ladders

An essential for any home or business, the reliable, lightweight and portable step ladder comes in handy for a range of tasks - offering the perfect solution for effortlessly accessing those hard to reach spaces. The highly portable, lightweight folding aluminium construction provides functionality and reliability and delivers ultimate safety and stability around your house or work site. Our ladders are highly stable, industrial-grade step ladders that are ideal for use on industrial work sites or by a home DIY enthusiast.