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Cage Trolley Dual-Door Zinc Plated
Cage Trolley with 2 doors
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Zinc-Plated, Clean Area-Safe Cage Trolley

The zinc plated dual door cage trolley is another heavy duty steel with zinc plated finish cage trolley.  It comes with a clipboard on the side so items can be noted when loaded or unloaded from the trolley.  It has 2 platform shelves that can be removed or repositioned to customize the layout of your shelves based on the products being transported. 


Double Door Cage Trolley for Versatility

The double doors mean it can be opened from the centre and there is a space for a padlock to be attached for extra peace of mind.  The removable shelves can be stored at the back of the trolley so they are not floating around the warehouse with the risk of being misplaced.  Everything is together and ready to go.


Multi-Use Cage Trolley for Various Uses

Very useful cage trolley for areas in the warehouse or they can be positioned in front of shelves so they are ready for loading directly from the storage areas without having to lift goods around.  Just load from the shelves onto the cage trolley and away you go with an easy to wheel trolley on strong castors.

Features & Benefits

  • Zinc-plated
  • Delivered fully assembled for immediate use once unpacked
  • Two 160mm swivel braked castors, and two 160mm fixed castors allow high manoeuvrability while being easy to control
  • Double door style: Door hung either side that open from the centre
  • Doors are secured with a sliding-bolt and have the space for a padlock to be attached
  • Two removable shelves. Can be stored at the back of the trolley
  • 75 x 75mm grid mesh
  • Built-in recessed handles for easy transporting
  • Integrated clipboard keeps all necessary documents together
  • Mesh grid floor

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