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Pallet Inverter for Hygiene use
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Pallet changers allow you to change the pallet from a load or replace broken pallets quickly and easily. This pallet inverter is ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industries where hygiene is of critical importance. Its operating mechanisms are neatly enclosed, making the exterior is straightforward to keep clean. It has fewer moving parts than any other inverter in the range. Attached guarding is supplied as standard with options of a floor fixed cage and photo-beam protection. Uses include load transfer from wood to plastic or other hygienic pallets, recovery of damaged bags or broken boards from the bottom of the stack, switching to or from high-quality pallets used in your high-bay packing system, and transfer of products to ISPM15 compliant pallets for overseas shipping.

Features & Benefits

  • Painted Finish
  • Heavy Duty Machine Designed for Rigorous Use

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