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Pallet changers allow you to change the pallet from a load or replace broken pallets quickly and easily. This inverter works a recline then rotate method of tipping the load through 90 degrees onto its back so that it is centralised over a turntable during rotation. It is built with single or dual clamping tables to any width or depth, and the jaw opening is also variable. This unit is typically supplied as a fully automated and guarded system, custom-built to suit the individual user's needs. Machines up to 10,000 kgs capacity have been manufactured, and we could go higher than this if the need arose.

Features & Benefits

  • Painted Finish
  • Fully automated with manual override option.
  • Recline and rotate principle provides a tried and tested method of handling exceptionally difficult loads
  • Single or twin clamping system dependent on load heights and required clamp pressure
  • Normally fixed installation and totally stable during operation

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