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ProWrap Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper
SIAT ProWrap Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine Automatic Pallet Wrapper
Model Number



Capacity (kg)



Diameter (mm)



Mast Height (mm)



Carriage Type

PWT (Powered Pre-stretch 300%)

PW750 (Powered Pre-stretch 250%, 750mm wide wrap)

Power Supply

Single Phase

Single Phase

Overall Length (mm)



Overall Width (mm)



Overall Height (mm)




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SIAT ProWrap Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Made in Italy, SIATs Prowrap is one of the world's robust, versatile and dependable Pallet Wrapping Machine. With Semi-Automatic functions and smart computer integration, SIAT's Pallet Wrappers are ideal for New Zealand production lines and outwards goods areas. This machine is highly programmable and features industry 4 technology.

The optional exclusive new detection area scanner of SIAT ProWrap has been designed to guarantee higher safety standards and the smallest machine footprint. Thanks to its 3 alarm zones and the leading-edge software, the machine calculates a proper safety distance and stops immediately in case of the nearest point of operational hazard, replacing the need for safety fences.

New Zealand's ONLY Compliant Pallet Wrapper

SIAT's Pallet Wrappers are the only product that complies to New Zealand and Australian Health and Safety Standards. These Pallet Wrapping Machines are not only built with quality parts, the design and safety features are compliant to New Zealand local safety requirements.

What are the benefits of a SIAT Automatic Pallet Wrapper

The SIAT ProWrap Pallet Wrapper is ideal for high-volume and demanding stretch film production lines. The Pro Wrap has advanced technology and is able to optimize film consumption - Guaranteeing full control of all wrapping parameters throughout the production cycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Flat-packed
  • Powder-coated
  • IP 54
  • Stores up to 12 programs
  • 5 operating modes
  • 6 upshift zones and 6 downshift zones to guarantee film savings
  • Can wrap up to 30 pallets per hour
  • 7" Touch screen
  • Can operate in cold zones (-20°C)
  • Collapsing mast to save space during transport.
  • Optional Detection safety scanner for maximin safety

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