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Bult Bag Prong Attachment
Buy Bulk Bag Prongs - Carriage Mount in Forklift Attachments from Astrolift NZ
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When lifting bulk bags, forklift operators won't need to leave their seats if they're using this attachment. This replaces the forks on a forklift entirely, making that machine dedicated for bag handling. Forklift operators easily push the prongs through the loops on each corner of the bags without needing to leave the forklift. You can lift the bags higher than you would normally as the prongs are set above the carriage plate.

Features & Benefits

  • Safety Yellow Painted Finish
  • Gives increased lift height as prongs are set above the carriage plate
  • Class 2 Mounting (Class 3 Mounting available)
  • Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359

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