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Flexible Roller Wheel Conveyor
Flexible Roller Wheel Conveyor Model Image
Model Number


Capacity per metre (kg)

35 to 45

Overall Length (mm)

1400 - 4500

Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

500 - 780



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Flexible Roller Conveyor with Wheels

Astrolift's Wheeled Conveyors are used when transporting materials for production, packaging and delivery-preparation. The scissor-like expandable design allows not only for the Conveyor to extend the length to suit, but can easily bend up to a 90 degree angle, which allows for greater efficiency and production-line options.


Flexible Roller Conveyor Benefits and Uses

Flexible, Expanding Conveyors are ideal for sections of your production line that need to turn corners or change direction for a different purpose. The ability to also expand and transport this Conveyor means that it can easily be moved to where it is needed, then can pack away to keep your workspace clear.

Made in Italy, World Leading Materials Handling Brand SIAT design and build Conveyors that deliver goods smoothly, and is capable of carrying 45 kg/m when closed or 35 kg/m when expanded.

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