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Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor

Bendable Connectable Conveyor

  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Fitted with Castors for ease of repositioning
  • Free Running Skate wheels provide good box support
  • 1 Year Warranty
Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor NZ
Skate Wheel Conveyor Model Image Flexible Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor Model Image
Model Number



Capacity per metre (kg)



Overall Length (mm)

1000 - 3000

1500 - 4500

Overall Width (mm)

500mm Conveyor width

500mm Conveyor width

Overall Height (mm)

500 - 780

500 - 780

Weight (kg)




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Flexible, Bendable, and Expandable Conveyor

Astrolift is proud to introduce SIAT's new Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor - a highly versatile, flexible, and durable conveyor system designed to streamline your warehouse operations. Made in Italy by the renowned SIAT, this high-quality conveyor is perfect for use in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and retail.

With its unique design and exceptional features, the Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor offers unparalleled flexibility, ease of use, and long-lasting performance.


What Are Flexible Skate Conveyors Used For?

Flexible skate conveyors, such as our Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor, are specifically designed to provide adaptable material handling solutions for a wide range of applications. Their unique construction allows them to be easily configured and reconfigured to suit various warehouse layouts and workspaces. This versatility makes them ideal for use in numerous industries and settings, including:


Manufacturing and assembly lines: Flexible skate conveyors can be integrated into production lines to facilitate the smooth flow of products and components during the assembly process.

Warehousing and distribution: These conveyors can be utilized to transport packages and cartons throughout a warehouse or distribution center, helping to improve efficiency and reduce manual handling.

Order picking and packing: Flexible skate conveyors are perfect for streamlining the picking and packing processes in e-commerce fulfillment centers, ensuring quick and accurate order processing.

Loading and unloading: The conveyor's expandable design makes it suitable for loading and unloading trucks, containers, and trailers, ensuring a more efficient and safer process.

Retail: Flexible skate conveyors can be used in the backroom operations of retail stores for stock management, product sorting, and merchandise replenishment.


Our Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor is packed with innovative features and benefits that set it apart from other conveyor systems. With its unique expandable design, the conveyor can be easily extended or contracted to accommodate varying workloads, making it an ideal solution for businesses with fluctuating production volumes.


Features & Benefits

  • Carton follow the curves in the conveyor without the need for side rails
  • Robust Construction
  • The flexible and expandable design allows these conveyors to be easily adjusted
  • Space-saving: The ability to expand and contract the conveyor length, as well as to navigate tight spaces and corners
  • Reduced product damage: The free-running skatewheels provide excellent support for boxes and cartons
  • Easy maintenance: The robust construction and high-quality materials used in the Expanding Skate Wheel Conveyor
  • Made in Italy

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