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Stainless Steel Airport Trolleys - Three Wheeled

Astrolifts stainless steel airport trolleys are heavy duty and a very reliable trolley for transporting our luggage to and from our cars when arriving at or leaving the airport.  Rushing to get to our destination on time can be stressful so with the help of these trolleys we can easily manoeuvre across the tarmac and pedestrian areas with no worry of dropping any luggage or causing damage to items in our commute between car and airport building.


Lightweight and Easy to Move Trolleys

The stainless steel construction makes for easy sanitising therefore making them a very hygienic and germ free option.  With the three wheels having large bearings they are very stable and easy to push along even when loaded up with lots of bags and luggage.  They nest neatly together so can be pulled out from the row of trolleys easily and wheeled to where you need to go. 


Advertising Spaces on Trolleys to Add Revenue Stream

They quality airport trolleys also have additional advertising space built into the trolley in a position that is easy to see so you can enjoy the benefits of another companies products to view as you wheel along.  The front wheel is made of thermoplastic rubber which is hard wearing and an excellent option for high use and wheeling on pedestrian crossings and roadways.  This trolley has a capacity of 150kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel
  • Ergonomic handles stop users from tiring as quickly, especially over long distances or with large loads
  • 3 wheels creating a highly manoeuvrable trolley while still being stable
  • Wheels have large bearings for smooth running, creating a trolley that is easier to push along
  • Designed to nest together, taking up less space in storage while still easy to access
  • Stainless steel basket creates a non-corrosive area where smaller items can be placed
  • Built-in advertising plates allow advertisements to be placed on the trolley quickly and easily
  • TRP (thermoplastic rubber) front wheel, where it is hard-wearing and durable

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