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Buy Gas Bottle Trolley in Hand Trucks from Astrolift NZ
  • 2 Gas Bottle Compartments: "G" Oxygen Gas Bottle and a "G" Acetylene Gas Cylinder.
  • Ideal for Fabricators to Wheel Around a Workshop for Welding On-Location
  • 1 Year Warranty
Gas Bottle Trolley
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This gas bottle trolley is designed specifically for moving welding gear around your workshops. The interior of the trolley is split into two compartments one for a size "G" Oxygen gas bottle and the other for a size "G" Acetylene gas cylinder.

Features & Benefits

  • Painted
  • Handle set at an ergonomic height
  • Pneumatic tyres, 400mm diameter
  • Room to store all hoses inside the trolley when not in use
  • Designed to be pushed over rough ground allowing it to be taken outside if needed
  • Crane hooks allow lifting onto trucks or up floor levels
  • Supplied with a ratchet binder to securely fasten both cylinders

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