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Drum Dolley Galvanised
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Galvanised Drum Dolly | Heavy Duty, All Weather Use

These galvanized drum dollies are made from heavy duty galvanized steel and have quality castors which make them easy to wheel and move around.  Very handy as you can just drop a drum into the dolly and then easily push them around the workplace to whatever area they need to be put into.  They also work well in tandem with the drum lifters so the drums can be lifted on and off the dolly quickly and easily.


All Weather Dolly for Drum Movement in Wet and Cold Areas

As these drum dollies are galvanized they are idea for outdoor use and can also be used in wet environments.  They have a 603mm diameter inside the frame which makes them suitable for the standard 200 litre or 44 gallon drum.  With the four 100mm robust and durable swivel castors they have a maximum manoeuvrability and at the same time keeping their balance and stability high.  The drum dolly can be filled and wheeled with ease having all these features and benefits.


Easy Drum Handling, with less effort, strain and injury

These powder coated drum dollies are ideal in the work space environment and can also be used in conjunction with the drum lifters making it even easier to work with as the drum lifter is there to take the drum on or off the dolly.  Great combination to save all that lifting and heaving of equipment around the workshop or factory floor.

Drop a drum into one of these dollies, and you can easily push them around your workplace to their next destination. They work best in tandem with a drum lifter to take the drum on and off the dolly. This unit is galvanised for use outdoors or in wet environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Galvanised
  • 603mm diameter inside the frame makes it suitable for a standard 200 Litre (44 Gallon) drum
  • Four 100mm robust and durable swivel castors give maximum manoeuvrability while keeping stability high

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