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Bulk Bag Lifter
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700 - 1245

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This bulk bag forklift attachment makes lifting large and heavy bags easy. With a large hook clearly visible to the driver, they are able to guide the hook through the loops or handles of the bag easily. The hook section of the jib can be extended to suit the size of the bag you're lifting. 

Features & Benefits

  • Painted
  • Adjustable lifting point positions, affects overall capacity
  • 5 lifting points
  • 1320mm - 1000kg Capacity
  • 1450mm - 910kg Capacity
  • 1585mm - 830kg Capacity
  • 1720mm - 760kg Capacity
  • 1850mm - 710kg Capacity
  • Enables extra lift height to get over hoppers or sides of trailers
  • Designed so the operator does not have to leave the forklift to load or unload
  • Pin to lock the boom into 1 of 5 different height extensions
  • Easy slip-on and chain to carriage installation
  • Safety chain to secure the jib to the forklift

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