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Drum Lifter Spade Attachment
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This drum handler quickly and easily lifts a 200 litre steel drum without any hydraulic or electronic connections. The driver never needs to leave their seat while lifting and releasing drums.

The winding handle clamps the attachment securely to the forks when you first pick it up. From there, slip the arms over the top of a drum until it's at the midway point and firmly push the back of the arms against the drum, this will activate the clamp. Make sure the arms are beneath rolled hoops on drum sides then simply lift and go. When you're done, lower the drum to ground-level and back up, the clamp will come right off.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple operation convenient and safe
  • Designed for 200 litre standard Plastic and Steel drums (with rolling hoops/ribs)
  • Lifts transports and deposits drums without the driver leaving the seat
  • Jaws that grip with cam pressure that is proportional to the drum weight
  • Simply wind the handle tight to clamp the attachment to forks
  • Galvanized finish
  • Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359

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