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Strap Drum Lifter Attachment
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This Drum lifter is a simple but very versatile forklift attachment. The support foot and load binder enable this to carry drums safely. This attachment allows you to pick up any drum and does not have a lip or rim at the top like many other Forklift drum lifters. Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.1 they come in Hot Dip Galvanised finish and are supplied complete with the ratchet strap and a chain to attach it to the forklift.

Features & Benefits

  • Galvanised
  • Allows picking up of drums that do not have a lip or rim at the top
  • Designed for the transportation of harsh chemicals over any terrain
  • Support foot allows drums to be carried safely with a ratchet and stop to secure the drum
  • Includes safety chain to hold attachment to carriage

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