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5.2m GUIL Lifter
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Maximum Lift Height (mm)


Working Height (mm)


Minimum Load (kg)


Net Weight (kg)


Working Base - Diameter (mm)


Folded Dimensions (mm)

540 x 540 x1750

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This Material Lifter is one of our Utility Lifters product line and has a compact and ergonomic design that make it suitable for both indoors or outdoors use with easier handling and transport features. 

Equipped with four detachable stabiliser legs allows the lifter to perform levelling tasks with ease. 

Four telescopic sections forms the wind-up stand with a 42cm x 42cm unit base that allows the lifter access to reduced spaces. It is provided with a spirit level, for a proper vertical adjustment of the telescopic masts and levelling tower.

World leading material lifters. Made in Spain- by GUIL. 

Moving the lifter to uneven surfaces would not pose a problem, as the lifter has four heavy-duty swivel castors with the wheels secured to the base using a a metal plate with four fixing points.


GUIL Model: ELC-770

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum stability, safety and durability
  • Compact design - easy maneuverability and loading in vehicles
  • Fast and easy set-up with no tools requires (no loose parts)
  • Brake winch that blocks the load in place when the handle is released
  • Easily used by one technician with its reduced size and weight
  • For industrial, commercial and domestic installations - both indoor and outdoor use
  • Manufactured with the most advanced technology & welding processes, going through rigorous quality controls - made in Spain. This guarantees the lightweight, sturdiness and maneuverability requirements needed to lifts loads.
  • The LUM-GUL-007 Lifter is equipped with two safety systems which guarantee maximum reliability during the lifting and lowering procedure:
  • Automatic Brake Winch which is an auto-block system that ensures the load remains at the required height, once the required height is achieved, the braking mechanism blocks the load when the handle is released.
  • Automatic Safety Blocking System which is a safety system with holes so that in the extreme case of cable breakage, the safety trigger would automatically slide into one of these holes - blocking the load and stopping it from falling (preventing displacement)

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