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Close-up image of the compact and sturdy GUIL Material Lifter, showcasing its high-strength aluminum mast profiles.
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Model Number



Working Height - Forks Up (mm)



Working Height - Forks Down (mm)



Height Stowed (mm)



Loading Height (mm)



Net Weight (kg)



Folded Dimensions (mm)

950 x 660 x 1610

950 x 660 x 1990

Profile Dimension - Width (mm)



Mast Profiles (#)



Capacity (kg)




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GUIL Material Lifter, Manufactured in Spain.

The sturdy yet lightweight design of this compact lifter, with a stowed height of just 1.61m allows it to be transported in small vehicles. Due to their high load capacities, wide variety of possible applications, compact and maneuverable design and their simple use, the Material Lifts are the perfect machine for any type of manual work.

The lifter is equipped with aluminum high-strength mast profiles which are raised with a pulley system (galvanised steel wire rope with a steel core). It has two folding and adjustable stabilizer legs that allow greater stability of the load and perfect positioning of the lifter. The stabilizers come with two swivel castors. The base is specially designed so that the legs can be inserted both at the front and the back of the tower, giving the option to use it flush to the wall or workspace if needed.

The lifter comes with 660 x 60 x 60mm reinforced steel forks and magnetic locking pins as standard for a quick set-up. These forks have a special reversible design to be able to set them at two different heights – gaining more height when full extended. They can also be removed for more convenient transporting and storage.


GUIL Codes:

TORO D-402/C  |  LUM-ELC-027

TORO D-407      |  LUM-ELC-027



Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design for easy handling by one person - corridor and single-door accessible
  • Fast and easy set-up with no tools required
  • Telescopic removable legs to move the lifter close to a wall if necessary
  • Automatic brake winch which stops and holds the load at the desired height
  • Folding stabiliser legs, provided with adjustable wheels for levelling
  • Removable, adjustable and reversible load forks
  • It is equipped with two safety systems to guarantee maximum reliability and resistance during lifting and lowering
  • The Internal Pendulum Brake System consists of an internal pendulum system that is automatically activated on each mast section so that if they were to suddenly fall - this would be easily unblocked by a trigger on each profile.

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