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300mm Road Spike Zinc Plated Fixing
Road Spike 300mm Zinc-Plated
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300mm Road Spike Fixing for Wheel Stop Installations into Asphalt and Bitumen - Zinc Plated

300mm Bitumen Road Spike from Astrolift is ideal for installing Wheel Stops into asphalt and bitumen. Built for NZ roads, these are a cost-effective way to secure wheel stops for car parks, retail and corporate businesses.


Aslphalt Gravel Road Spike

These Zinc-Plated Nail Spike Anchors are ideal when installing onto bitumen or asphalt. Please ensure that all surfaces are clear of debris and dust before installing onto the ground.

Astrolift's Wheel Stop Nail Spikes are built for New Zealand weather and road conditions. The Semi-Permeant feature of this style of Wheel Stop Installation not only makes the initial installation process low-cost and easy, but there is minimal damage to the Asphalt substrate if the Wheel Stop or Fixing needs to be relocated.



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