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Spring-loaded Palletising Table Advantages

  • Published: February 20, 2020

  • Updated: September 26, 2022

A common cause of workplace industries is the manual unloading and loading of pallets. Spring-loaded pallet tables reduce these risks.

In warehouses, manufacturing facilities and many other industrial locations, moving materials from one area to another is the leading cause of workplace injuries. This is caused by constant bending, lifting, stretching and walking around a stationary floor pallet. It is especially the case when these actions have to be performed whilst carrying heavy or cumbersome items.

Non-powered Automatic Lifting

Spring-loaded pallet tables are a simple, non-powered solution to make loading and unloading pallets faster and easier. They're also very well suited for operations where you need to transfer goods from one pallet to another – for example transferring raw material from a wooden to a plastic pallet. They can be set up either side-by-side or separated by a length of conveyor.

The lift table's height automatically responds to the load weight and adjusts accordingly. As a pallet is unloaded, the table begins to rise, and while being loaded, it compresses. This ensures that the top of the load is always at an ergonomic working height. The rotating top platform allows the operator to work from a single position, without needing to walk around the pallet.

You can easily move the pallets on or off of the table with either a forklift or straddle leg pallet stacker depending on which machinery you have available in your workspace. Dual shock absorbers fitted to the sides of the platform ensure smooth and predictable performance. These assist in eliminating the bounce typically associated with mechanical spring designs by controlling the speed at which the springs react to weight changes.

Thanks to the rotating top, it doesn't matter which angle your forklift or stacker comes from. Even fully loaded, the pallet is easy to spin and re-align for pickup.


The springs in the tables come in different sizes which compress faster at different weights, and we configure these to suit whatever weight pallet you have to handle - from 300kgs to 2 Tons. Two-ton springs will compress the table down at 2000kg, whereas one-ton springs will completely compress the table at only 1000kg. Because of this design, you can never overload the table.

To meet the sanitary requirements of industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and clean room applications, we have two Grade 304 stainless steel models available.

Using spring-loaded lift tables for loading and unloading your pallets increases efficiency, and reduces strain on staff - helping your workspace to be safer and more efficient.