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Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: July 29, 2020

You’ve got something on a pallet you need to put onto your scissor lift table, so you grab your pallet truck, pick up the pallet and move it over to the table.

However, your table is too high. So you go out, grab a forklift or electric pallet stacker and lift the pallet onto the table - later repeating the process to get it back off.

There has to be an easier way for getting smaller loads onto lift tables.

How low can it go?

Our Low Profile Pallet Lift Tables are designed specifically for this scenario. If you haven’t got a readily available pallet stacker, these tables are designed to let you load pallets onto them directly from a pallet truck.

These low scissor lift tables are available in two main types, Solid and Hollow tables, and are great for different use cases.

Solid-Top Low Scissor-Lift Tables

These first low-profile tables have a completely solid table to them. To load on a pallet, a ramp is installed to the floor at one end of the table. The pallet truck drives the pallet up the ramp and directly onto the table.

Hollow-top Low-Profile Lift Tables

The second set of low lift tables feature a vacant space in the middle of the table, making the table look like an “E” or a “U” shape. Instead of needing a ramp, these lift tables allow the pallet truck to drive into the vacancy and lower the pallet directly onto the outer edges of the table.

This only works if the sides of the pallet the truck is lifting from do not have bottom boards.

Loading Pallets In Smaller Spaces

For areas that don’t have access to, or the space is too small for using a forklift or pallet stacker, these low profile scissor-lift tables are perfect for ensuring you can still easily load and unload pallets from your lift tables.