Helping our customers improve their workplaces by making things safer and more efficient is what we’re passionate about at Astrolift.

Whether it’s a product we import from overseas or something we manufacture ourselves here in New Zealand, you need products you can count on all day, every day to get the job done. As your supplier, we work with you to find out the best solution for your requirements. Particularly with larger items and projects, we can visit your site in person to discuss how different solutions could fit into your over workflow, and for measuring up locations and looking for any safety issues.

When you need a solution that will achieve what you need it to, give us a call.


Astrolift is a trusted provider of solutions to a large variety of New Zealand businesses, ranging from the largest corporate companies to the smallest family business.

We create unique designs, which are manufactured in our factory, to suit the specific needs of our customers. These combined with the range of equipment that we import from Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the UK, give us an innovative range of quality products that significantly improve safety and efficiency in workplaces.

In all dealings with customers, suppliers and employees, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, respect for others, and learning from past mistakes to create solutions for the future.

Astrolift is firmly committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and all parties impacted by our business. Our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our range of products. Led by innovation and enabled by technology, we strive to provide solutions to our customers’ needs.


Our sustainability policy is a commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, including recycling of production wastes, to protect the environment at our sites and surrounding neighbourhoods.


It is our vision to provide the best equipment for your particular business needs to ensure the best safety and efficiency across all parts of your business. We aim to be the most trusted supplier of materials handling, packaging and safety equipment across New Zealand. While keeping our feet planted firmly in our roots of New Zealand, we also aim to expand into the Australian market.


Our goal is to supply innovative and high quality, material handling and end-of-line equipment that provides solutions to the needs of a wide range of industries. We aim to maximise efficiency and reduce injury in our customers’ workplaces.

Our Team

Our team works to provide the best efficiency and safety solutions for your business, dependent on your precise needs. Our account managers and project managers will work directly with you to find the best solutions for your particular workspaces and buildings, and to work in tandem with the equipment and space you already have.

Richard Blampied

Director / Finance

Danny Blampied

Director / General Manager / Account Manager

Scott Blampied

Director / Account Manager

Simon Blampied

Director / Account Manager

Ben Blampied

Production Manager

Colin Garton

Account Manager

André Garton

Account Manager

Graeme Tearle

Account Manager