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About Astrolift

Astrolift is a trusted provider of solutions to a large variety of New Zealand businesses, ranging from the largest corporate companies to the smallest family business.

We have our own unique designs which are manufactured in our factory, these combined with the range of equipment that we import from Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the UK, give us an innovative range of quality products that greatly improve safety and efficiency in workplaces. We supply to a wide customer base which includes many of New Zealand's leading companies. Our dealings with customers, suppliers and employees are underpinned by our core values, which we are passionately committed to. These include, honesty, integrity, respect for others, and admitting mistakes and learning from them.

Astrolift management are strongly committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and all parties impacted by our business. We also care about the environment, our policy is a commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, including recycling of production wastes. Our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our range of products, led by innovation and enabled by technology we strive to provide solutions to our customers needs. Astrolift looks to the future with optimism.

Our Vision

It is our goal to become a leading supplier of materials handling, end of line and related equipment in New Zealand and for our brands to become strong and well respected in the market. At the same time we will expand actively into the Australian market.

Our Mission

To supply innovative and high quality , material handling, end of line and related equipment that provides solutions to the needs of a wide range of industries.

To assist our customers to maximize efficiency and reduce injury in their workplaces.

The Team

Richard Blampied

Director / Finance

Simon Blampied

Director / Account Manager

Danny Blampied

Director / Account Manager

Scott Blampied

Director / Account Manager

Colin Garton

Account Manager

André Garton

Account Manager

Ben Blampied

Production Manager

Greame Tearle

Account Manager

Paul Hemsworth

Account Manager