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Do I need a Pallet Changer?

Knowing the options that are available if your production process is heavily reliant on pallets.

What is an IP Rating?

Know how to tell what level of protection your machine has from foreign substances.

Why do I need barrier?

Barrier and Safety | Buyer's Guide

What is a powered tug?

Electric Tugs | Buyer's Guide

Powered Tugs Brochure

Showing various applications of powered tugs

Barrier Solutions Brochure

Astrolift is committed to making workplaces safer with products that meet and often exceed industry guidelines.


Instructions to calculate for Pallet Dispensers.

Pallet Wrapper Calculator Instructions

In order to use this calculator to determine the most accurate estimation of your savings, you will need the following information provided in this PDF download.

Choosing the right pallet truck for CHEP pallets

How do you choose a pallet truck for 4-sided entry to Chep pallets?

5 Points to Know about the Health And Safety Bill

Five key points you should be aware of for the new Health and Safety Bill