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Buy Straddle Stacker  in Pallet Stackers from Astrolift NZ
Buy Straddle Stacker  in Pallet Stackers from Astrolift NZ
Model Number


Capacity (kg)


Fork Span (mm)

220 - 850

Fork Length (mm)


Lift Height (mm)

60 - 1600

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)

1124 - 1404

Overall Height (mm)



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Straddle pallet stackers are designed for lifting pallets that have bottom boards. Where a regular stacker's legs go under the pallet, lifting the forks would snap the bottom boards off as they catch on the legs. This straddle stacker has adjustable legs that go around the outside of the pallet to avoid this issue. The forks are lifted via the tiller hand-pump or foot pump and lowered by a release trigger on the tiller.  The width of the straddle legs are adjustable.


Features & Benefits

  • Manually Propelled
  • Powder-coated Finish
  • Straddle legs
  • Ergonomic driving handle prevents unnecessary strain on users
  • Forks operated by hand or foot pump with a lever on the hand pump to lower them
  • Safety mesh guarding keeps the operator safe from any unstable loads on the pallet stacker

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