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Steel Pedestrian Barriers, Powder Coated High Impact Vehicle Protection

Astrolift's Steel Pipe Pedestrian Barriers are durable, modular and easy to install. Equally effective for small barrier installations as it is large-scale projects, our Steel Pedestrian Barriers are specifically designed to provide the best safety outfit for your business. Our safety traffic barriers are available with a variety of gates and other traffic barrier accessories. 


Bright Yellow Powder Coat Finish for Long Lasting Impact

Astrolift's Pedestrian Barriers are finished off with a bright yellow powder coat paint finish. This gives our barriers a longer life-span, while serving as an obvious visual warning for drivers and pedestrians alike. The Powder Coat finish on our Pedestrian Barriers protect the steel pipe from moisture, cold and mild damage which limits rust and discolouring. 


Benefits of Pedestrian Barriers

Steel Pedestrian Barriers provide mid-level protection from forklift and light vehicle impacts*. Steel pedestrian impact barriers reduce personal harm, loss of production time and damage costs where more serious accidents may have occurred.


*These pedestrian barriers are only suitable in areas where vehicles are travelling parallel to the barrier, in all other situations, a traffic barrier will be required.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated over Galv Steel
  • A cost-effective, modular barrier solution.
  • Simple to measure and install, with customisation available
  • Safety yellow, for high visibility

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