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Steel Pedestrian Barrier

  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

Our GuardX Pedestrian barrier creates highly visible walkways in low-impact zones, complementing our more impact-tolerant barrier.

The pedestrian barrier uses a simple modular design, with steel construction. They are a low-cost option, with gates available for easy access at either end.


The GuardX Pedestrian barriers are installed using standard Dynabolts (2 per post). These barriers can be installed into concrete. Uneven sites can be easily levelled with construction packers, which are available separately.

Standard section lengths are 2200mm, measured between post centres. We also customise the distance between pole centres to suit your requirements. Our comprehensive selection of barrier joints allows us to create bespoke barrier configuration to fit your designated areas.


Pedestrian barrier essentially acts as a visual guide for pedestrian movement throughout the site. It should be noted that worksite traffic management barrier systems are not recommended for use as a guard rail at heights such as on mezzanines.

All our products comply with Section of AS/NZS 1657 (legislation pertaining to guard rails for heights) relating to minimum rail and infill rail heights for hand/guard rail.