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HD Metal Bollard
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Heavy Duty Bolt- Down Bollard

Astrolift's heavy duty metal bollard is made from heavy duty steel. This bollard is designed to protect buildings from large vehicle damage to buildings e.g. Doorways into & out of a warehouse. Our Heavy Duty steel bollard is powder coated in a high-vis yellow to act as a visual warning before an accident happens.

Having the height of 1200mm provides these bollards even higher visible to vehicle drivers than the smaller models. They are ideal as protection and deterrents Indoors while their bright yellow exterior gives high visibility.


Anti-Ram Steel Traffic Bollard

Ram-Proof Traffic Bollards can be hugely expensive. Our "Anti-Ram" Bollards are super-heavy duty and (when installed with correct screws) will block and prevent a car from breaking through at slow speeds - Even when rammed again and again. It will take a large vehicle, with multiple collisions to start to move this bollard slightly. There will always be damage to the concrete, but the deterrent of knowing that a car probably won't get through, means that thieves know they will probably break their car before they break through into a store window.


Bolt-down bollards are ideal for stopping or visually deterring vehicles from areas where pedestrians need constant access available. They also work well for protecting property such as fuel tanks, shop fronts and buildings, especially at factory doorways.


Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated Finish
  • Ideal as protection and deterrents Indoors
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Knock-on cap to facilitate concrete filling
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Easily removable and replaceable

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