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Flexible Bolt-down Safety bollards for industrial, warehouse and pedestrian protection. A-Safe safety barriers absorb impacts from vehicles, then reform to original shape. No damage to concreate and no disruptions to productivity.

These bollards come in three sizes. At 835mm high, the smaller units are visible to forklift drivers, but at 1200mm high the taller bollards boast greater visible to vehicle drivers. Lastly, we have the 2000mm high bollard to provide the highest visibility of the range.

A-Safe's Memaplex is a unique plastic polymer that is stronger than steel and ideal for indoor, outdoor, wet and hygiene-area use. These bollards and barriers reduce long term maintenance costs and minimises damage to the floor from bollard fixings coming out.

A-Safe Flexible Bollards have a wide range of to suit any need.

  • Finish: Flexible Plastic (Non-conductive, Food Safe and Hygiene Area Safe)
  • Unique Memaplex plastic composite, stronger than steel and ideal for Indoor, Outdoor, Wet and Hygiene-area use
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Fast to install alternative to Cast-In Bollards
  • Easily removable and replaceable
  • Flexes on impact, absorbing most forces, then reforms back into its original shape
  • Memaplex withstands temperature extremes (two options)
    • Memaplex 1 Temperature Tolerance: -10 to +50° Celsius
    • Memaplex 2 Temperature Tolerance: -40 to +30° Celsius
  • No repainting needed if impacted
  • Highly durable
  • Complies to: PAS 13
  • Complies to the PAS 13 Guidelines on traffic management and requirements for barrier and protection
  • Safe for food contact
  • Non-toxic
  • ISO/ TR 10358 Chemical Resistance
  • Protects the integrity of floors
  • 1 Year Warranty

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