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  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: November 18, 2021

Bollards are a crucial addition to workplaces with machinery or vehicles, as they offer protection for both pedestrians and staff. Bollards create a visible and physical barrier and can be fixed or removable to suit your specific space and needs.

Getting the Right Finish

Our Bollards are typically available in three main finishes:

  • Powder-coated
  • Galvanized
  • Powder-coated over Galvanized

Powder-coated bollards are suitable for indoor use, but if you’re putting bollards outside in the weather they need to be galvanized to stop rusting. If you want coloured bollards for outside rather than the grey of the galvanizing, you can get a colour powder-coated on top of the galvanized protection coating.

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Of our powder-coated bollards, we keep our Safety Yellow colour in stock, however other colours are available with a Powder-coated over Galvanised finish. Displayed below is a selection of our most common colours, custom colours are available. Minimum order quantities apply for non-standard colours.

Bolt-down Bollards

Bolt-down bollards are fixed to the ground with bolts, this gives them a quicker installation process and allows them to be uplifted and reused.

Bolt-down bollards are available in powder-coated and galvanized steel, high-impact flexible plastic and stainless steel. For our standard steel bollards, we can also make bollards to custom dimensions.

Hoop Bollards

A subset of bolt-down bollards, Hoop Bollards are great to use throughout your workspace to protect valuable equipment and can also be used to create safe walkways.

Our hoop bollards are available in commonly used sizing but can also be made to custom sizes to suit your requirements such as to surround a doorway to protect it from the vehicles and machinery used in the area.

Cast-In Bollards

Cast-in fixed bollards are designed for property and asset protection or traffic control. They are suitable for installation into any asphalt or any soft surface where a concrete footing is necessary.

We also supply cast-in bollards with removable top sections for where vehicle access is required periodically.

Downpipe Protectors

These curved and square casings are ideal for covering the lower sections of downpipes against vehicles bumping into them.