bbr-ast-003, Cast-in Bollard - Removable (PC over Galv), Cast-in Bollards from Astrolift
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Post Height (mm)


Above Ground Length (mm)


Below Ground Length (mm)


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Cast-in Bollards provide a sturdier, protective barrier than bolt-down bollards thanks to being set directly into the concrete, and typically filling the inside with concrete. They are ideal for new builds or for retrofitting. The tops of these units can be removed when vehicle access is required, then locked back into place again.

Having the height of 1000mm provides these bollards even higher visible to vehicle drivers than the smaller models. Galvanising makes them ideal as protection and deterrents Outdoors or in Wet and Hygiene Areas while their bright yellow exterior gives high visibility.

  • Finish: Powder-coated over Galvanised
  • Ideal for protection and deterrents Outdoors or in Wet Areas
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Concrete anchored to the ground
  • Complete with shorter stubs for ease of positioning and strength
  • Removable and lockable
  • Removable section weighs 20kg
  • 1 Year Warranty

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