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Anti Ram Removable Bollard
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Removable Bollard - High Strength Removable Bollard

Astrolift supply heavy duty, cast-in bollards to New Zealand businesses. These bollards are installed deep into the ground for added strength. These bollards are ideal for retail stores as a security deterrant, or for higher-impact areas for heavy vehicles.

Anti-Ram Traffic Bollards

These Cast-In Bollards are installed into the ground, rather than simply screwing in the bollard to the ground. This makes them much stronger to heavy impacts, such as security against Ram-Raids or delivery trucks backing towards a goods loading area.

Cast-in Bollards provide a sturdier, protective barrier than bolt-down bollards thanks to being set directly into the concrete, and typically filling the inside with concrete. They are ideal for new builds or for retrofitting. The tops of these units can be removed when vehicle access is required, then locked back into place again.

These bollards have a height of 1000mm which makes them highly visible to drivers and can help avoid collisions before they happen. Being a galvanised steel bollard, these are highly effective outdoors, in wet areas and for industrial vehicle protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated over Galvanised
  • Ideal for protection and deterrents Outdoors or in Wet Areas
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Concrete anchored to the ground
  • Complete with shorter stubs for ease of positioning and strength
  • Removable and lockable
  • Removable section weighs 20kg

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