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Material Lifter by GUIL
Telescopic Material Lifter
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Maximum Lift Height (mm)


Working Height (mm)


Minimum Load (kg)


Net Weight (kg)


Working Base - Diameter (mm)


Folded Dimensions (mm)

270 x 280 x 1350

Capacity (kg)




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The user-friendly and compact design of the LUM-GUL-003 Lifter - with it's folding and adjustable base (umbrella style) makes it the ideal tool for any kind of lifting task that has to be done in a limited working space either indoor or outdoor.

Manufactured in Spain by GUIL, a worldwide leader in Material Lifting Machines.

Base: Compact and folding base manufactured from reinforced steel and finished in a double coat of textured anti-scratch paint especially for outdoor use. It's special folding design with an umbrella style allows users to adjust the base footprint to the work space available.


GUIL Model: ELC-720


Features & Benefits

  • Maximum stability, safety and durability
  • Compact design - easy maneuverability and loading in vehicles
  • Fast and easy set-up with no tools requires (no loose parts)
  • Brake winch that blocks the load in place when the handle is released
  • Easily used by one user with its reduced size and weight
  • For industrial, commercial and domestic installations - both indoor and outdoor use
  • Manufactured with the most advanced technology & welding processes, going through rigorous quality controls - made in Spain. This guarantees the lightweight, sturdiness and maneuverability requirements needed to lifts loads.
  • The LUM-GUL-003 Lifter is equipped with two safety systems which guarantee maximum reliability and strength:
  • Automatic Brake Winch which is a hand winch with a auto-blocking system to ensure the load remains in position whenever the handle is released
  • Automatic Safety Blocking System which is a safety system with holes so that in the extreme case of cable breakage, the safety trigger would automatically slide into one of these holes - blocking the load and stopping it from falling (preventing displacement)

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