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Drum Lifter with Angled Legs
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Lift Height (mm)

830 - 1560

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This drum lifter is the ideal choice for lifting and shifting drums in confined spaces. The beak grip catches on the lip of the drum and uses the drum's own weight to clamp it securely into place.

The angled legs on this machine allow it to roll up to the corner of a pallet or platform to pick up or put down a drum. To lift the drum, you can either use the tiller pump by hand, or use the foot pump. This unit is pushed around manually to manoeuvre it into place.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder-coated Finish
  • Manual Propelled & Lift
  • Suitable for 115 litre and 210 litre drums
  • Stable and highly manouevrable
  • Beak grip clamp
  • Ergonomic Pump Handle
  • Steel Drums Only

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