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Scale Pallet Jack
QTW-NBL-006 Pallet Truck with Scales
Model Number


Load Capacity (kg)


Fork Width (mm)


Fork Length (mm)


Lowered Height (mm)


Maximum height (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Fork Dimensions (mm)

64 / 182 / 1150

Ground Clearance (mm)


Turning Radius (mm)


Travel Speed - Laden/Unladen (km/h)

4.2 / 4.4

Lift Speed - Laden/Unladen (m/s)

0.015 / 0.022

Lower Speed - Laden/Unladen (m/s)

0.05 / 0.04

Max Gradient - Laden/Unladen (%)

6 / 16

Drive Type

Battery Electric

Lift/Lower Type

Battery Electric

Machine Weight (kg)



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The Astrolift Pallet Truck with Scales

The Astrolift Pallet Truck with Scales is the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient material handling combined with weighing functions. Designed to streamline your warehouse operations, this innovative pallet truck offers a seamless integration of lifting capabilities and built-in scales, revolutionizing the way you manage and transport your goods. 

Pallet Jack Dual Functionality:

This Pallet Truck with Scales combines the functionality of a robust pallet truck with the integrated weighing system. This dual-purpose design eliminates the need for separate equipment, saving you time and space.

Precision Weighing Scale:

The accuracy of the four sensors is 3kg, & measuring in 0.5kg units, our advanced weighing technology ensures precise measurements for every load. Whether you're shipping, receiving, or inventorying, you can trust the Astrolift Pallet Truck's scales to provide dependable weight readings.

User-Friendly Interface:

The intuitive control panel and digital display make weight readings effortless to monitor. Clear and easy-to-use, the interface allows operators to quickly obtain weight information, enhancing operational efficiency.


Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handles, the Astrolift Pallet Truck ensures smooth maneuverability, even in tight spaces. Effortlessly transport heavy loads while maintaining control and stability. Powered by a reliable battery, this pallet truck offers extended usage time, minimizing downtime. The battery is easily rechargeable, ensuring continuous operation throughout your workday.

Upgrade your material handling process with the Astrolift Pallet Truck with Scales. Experience the convenience of accurate weighing integrated seamlessly into your pallet truck, optimizing efficiency and accuracy across your operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Electric Drive
  • Electric Raise & Lower
  • Tiller can be used in upright position
  • Speed Reduction at different driving angles for safety
  • Turtle Speed button for tight conditions
  • Smart Pin Access to restrict unwanted users
  • Emergency revers button
  • Horn
  • Dual Butterfly style thumb driving controls
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • Hour Meter
  • Multiple Function Keys (Including NET Weight & Gross Weight)
  • Cumulative Function allowing each batch of products into the final calculation to avoid overloads etc.
  • Weigh in either KGs Or LBs
  • High Precision Load Cells, Accuracy of 3kgs in 0.5kg increments
  • Scale Display has rechargeable battery & stand alone charger adapter
  • Removable battery and stand alone charger.
  • Battery can be charged both in place or removed
  • Comes Standard with a 20Ah Battery
  • On Board Diagnostics Via Error Codes
  • Equipped With Curtis controllers and CAN-bus technology for easy trouble shooting & Diagnostics

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