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  • Published: October 17, 2019

  • Updated: March 28, 2024

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You’ve made the switch from buying in pallets to renting the blue CHEP Pallets. That’s great! Everything is working well - Until you discover that your pallet truck doesn’t always fit underneath them!

The gaps on the pallets' sides are different sizes, creating additional work when someone places a pallet in the wrong position. It’s making your work more fiddly and it’s taking more time.

CHEP pallets are brilliant pallets, but you need a pallet jack that will be efficient for the situation.

Please welcome, the 4-way pallet truck.

The CHEP Pallet Problem

CHEP’s blue rental pallets provide four-way access much like most other pallets, but not all machines can make use of this common feature due to a small quirk.

CHEP Pallets have a slightly different design to others, where the fork-access windows on two of the sides are smaller than the others. Two sides have a more significant gap of 98mm, whereas the other two have a smaller gap of only 70mm.

Although this poses no issue for a traditional forklift, the average pallet truck has a minimum lift height of around 75mm or higher, making them ever so slightly too tall to fit into these gaps.

For those who only have a standard pallet truck, you will only be able to lift a CHEP pallet from two out of four sides, which is troublesome at times when other items are blocking your access to those sides.

The Answer - 4-Way Pallet Jacks

Also known as low-profile pallet jacks, the 4-Way pallet truck is designed precisely for this moment - limboing lower than everyone else and lifting CHEP pallets from every side. Our range of low-profile pallet trucks has minimum lift heights ranging between 51 and 65mm.

These low minimum lift heights are perfect for fitting into those smaller windows and make these pallet trucks particularly useful in more confined spaces where there is less room to manoeuvre pallets.

Manual 4-Way Pallet Jacks

Standard low-profile pallet trucks are manually operated, both lifting and driving. They’re a great entry-level option, providing that instant 4-way access to improve efficiency.

Electric 4-Way Pallet Jacks

Next, we step up to pallet trucks with electric lifting and driving. These low-profile jacks take all physical effort out of shifting pallets, and in turn, reduce workplace injuries. Because they are fully powered, they are also quick, capable of travelling around 4.6 km per hour with a load.

The One Jack To Lift Them All

Keeping our workers safe and improving efficiency in our work sites is always on our minds.
With Pallet Jacks being an essential part of most operations, many of which utilize CHEP’s blue pallets, low-profile pallet trucks are a simple but effective means of increasing the efficiency of these areas in our workplaces.

They ensure that, CHEP pallet or not, you can shift and move any standard size pallet from every side.