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Electric Straddle Stacker
Electric Straddle Stacker
Model Number


Capacity (kg)


Fork Span (mm)

255 - 730

Fork Length (mm)


Lift Height (mm)


Free Lift Height (mm)


Lifting Speed (mm/s)

0.13 Laden - 0.18 Unladen

Lowering Speed (mm/s)

0.20 Laden - 0.14 Unladen

Mast Height (mm)

2345 Lowered - 5280 Extended



Travel Speed (km/h)

5.4 Laden - 6.0 Unladen

Maximum Gradability (%)

6 % Laden / 12 % Unladen

Turning Radius (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)

1170 - 1470

Overall Height (mm)


Weight (kg)



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Straddle pallet stackers are ideal for pallets with bottom boards.

The straddle stackers front outriggers straddle the perimeter of the pallet meaning the are suitable for pallets with & Without bottom runner boards. This unit is both electric Drive & Lift alleviating the operator from workplace injuries when relocating heavy & Awkward loads. With its compact design and impressive turning radius, operators can easily maneuver through confined spaces using this stacker.

Electrically-Powered Lifting and Driving

Straddle stackers are typically equipped with electric motors for both lifting and driving. The electric lifting mechanism makes it easier to raise and lower heavy loads, reducing the physical effort required from the operator. Electric driving enables safer operation compared to manual methods.

Effortless Load Handling

By combining electric lifting and driving, straddle stackers allow operators to handle heavy loads with minimal physical strain. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue, improving overall efficiency in material handling tasks.

Overall, straddle pallet stackers offer a solution to a specific problem in material handling, making them a valuable tool in warehouses and similar environments where palletised goods need to be moved efficiently and without damage.

Features & Benefits

  • Straddle leg Design
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Butterfly Thumb Drive Controls
  • Precise Lifting & Lowering with proportional Hydraulic System
  • Compact & Ergonomic Tiller Design

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