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Reach Trucks - The Mini Forklift

  • Published: October 17, 2019

  • Updated: May 15, 2023

Have you organised your warehouse aisles to be narrower? Reach Trucks are designed to provide the lifting ability of a forklift with a much shorter length for navigating and turning around in narrower aisles.

Reaching for Pallets

Our Reach Trucks obtain their smaller length thanks to a horizontally shifting mast.

It uses a counterbalance in the back of the machine to balance out the weight carried on the forks. The mast of the reach truck can then be moved to the front of the legs to pick up pallets without the wheels bumping into other pallets or racking, similar to the forks on a forklift.

During travel, the mast contracts back to a smaller length. This allows the reach truck to navigate smaller areas and have a much smaller turning radius. Our Reach Truck also features tilting forks. When a pallet has been picked up, the forks can be tipped backwards four degrees to provide extra stability for the load during transport.

The Right Tool for the Job

Reach Trucks are designed to be a solution for a specific problem within a warehouse.

If you’ve got narrow aisles, then this pallet stacker might be what you need.

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