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Electric Pallet Stackers

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

Shifting loads around warehouses and narrow aisles needs to be efficient, safe and quick, which is where the electric pallet stackers shine.

Compact and Agile

These Pallet Stackers are similar to an electric forklift but provide businesses with an affordable, reliable and economical alternative to its larger counterpart. With their simple-to-use control systems, workers can be trained to use them in far less time and are not required to have a forklift licence to operate.


Semi-electric models of pallet stacker have electrically powered lifting while needing to be physically pushed around. These are a good entry-level solution for electric pallet stackers, eliminating the laborious task of lifting the forks by hand pump.


Fully-electric pallet stackers take the functionality of the semi-electric and put some power behind the wheels. These models are fully electrically operated, both lifting and driving, completely removing any physical effort required from the operator.

Efficient Operation

Warehouse aisles are getting narrower as we try and fit more product into the same amount of space, and your typical forklift quickly gets too big and cumbersome for the job.

Electric pallet stackers are an effective solution for most warehouses, and provide the greatest level of employee safety out of the different pallet stacker options.