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Auto-levelling Pallet Stackers

  • Published: October 31, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

When needing to manually load and unload a pallet, reaching high for the top items and bending low for the bottom items makes for a physically strenuous task.

Introducing the Armanni Auto-levelling pallet stacker

These electric lifters comes in both semi-electric and fully-electric models. Armanni lifters are high quality machines, manufactured in Italy.

Their initial function is that of a pallet stacker, lifting and moving pallets around your warehouse, however, it also has some key functionality built-in to and the loading and unloading of those pallets.

Automatic Modes

Loading Mode

These pallet stackers have built-in photo-sensors to detect the top of the load. While the machine is set to loading mode, as you load boxes onto the pallet the machine will sense the new boxes and lower the pallet so that you don’t have to reach high to stack further boxes on top. This keeps the top of the load at an ergonomic working height.

Unloading Mode

In unloading mode, the machine detects the removed boxes and raises the pallet so that there is no need to bend to pick up the lower boxes, maintaining that good working height.

Control Panel

Fork Mode Switch

The switch on the left of the control console allows the operator to alternate between push-button lifting and lowering and the auto-levelling function.

When the switch is rotated to the hand icon on the right, the machine functions as a pallet stacker. When the switch is rotated to the left, the machine is in automatic pallet loading or unloading mode.

Auto-levelling Direction Switch

The second switch features arrows pointing up and down. This toggles the direction the forks will travel when in automatic loading/unloading mode.

While toggled to the up-pointing arrow, the forks will raise as boxes are removed from the pallet. While toggled to the down-pointing arrow, the forks will lower as boxes are added to the pallet.

SAFETY FEATURE: While in loading mode, the forks are restricted from lowering all the way to the ground, and instead stop just clear of the ground just in case your toes are under the edges of the forks or pallet.

Emergency Stop Button

The large red button is the emergency stop. Pressing this will halt all electrical operations instantly, and will not allow them to resume until the button is reset by pulling it up.

Manual Fork Controls

To the right end of the control panel are two individual Up and Down arrow buttons.

Pressing the up-pointing arrow will raise the forks, and pressing the down-pointing arrow will lower the forks.

Reducing Physical Strain

Loading and unloading pallets by hand can produce a lot of physical strain over time, these auto-levelling pallet stackers help reduce that strain by keeping your workloads at an ergonomic height.