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  • Published: April 17, 2024

  • Updated: April 18, 2024

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Have you ever tried pushing 4000kg of gold bars? Pushing that much weight is hard, even if it is on wheels.

Pallet Jacks have achieved two things, they make shifting pallets easier and their ability to easily lift and move heavy pallets encourages us to try lifting heavier loads with them.

Standard pallet trucks are quite good at performing this on smaller loads, reducing the effort required to lift and push quite drastically from the manual labour it would be to do it without the aid of a pallet truck.

However, as loads get heavier, they still require the physical effort to pump, push and pull the pallet jacks around your premises. The increased force needed to move them can lead to severe back and strain injuries. Enter, the electric pallet jacks.

We’re going to look at the pallet jacks that push and pull the load for you, and can shift loads of up to 322 gold bars. (For those who are curious, at the time of writing this those gold bars would be worth $20,543,118 NZD.)

Keeping Operators Safe

The heavier the load, the further you’re travelling, and the more times in a day you’re moving pallet loads all increases the amount of physical strain that the operator will endure. For the sake and safety of everyone involved, these potential risks of injury need to be reduced as much as possible or outright eliminated.

Emergency brake switches, horns, key ignitions, parking brakes and shock absorbers all play a part in ensuring that staff can perform their work without strain or worry.

Embodying this need for improved power and safety are our Electric Pallet Trucks, explicitly designed with the operator in mind.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jacks

Semi-electric pallet trucks are the simpler of these machines and are the in-between step from a manual pallet truck to a fully-electric model.

They require manual lifting with a hand pump like a normal pallet jack, however, along with adding various safety features it removes the work that manual pallet jacks require to physically push loads around by providing fully-powered driving.

Fully-Electric Pallet Jacks

Your next upgrade would be to the fully-electric pallet trucks. Not only do these have the fully-powered driving of the semi-electric models, but they also have electrical lifting.

By simply rotating the thumbwheels on the handle, these units can drive at speeds of up to 6 km per hour. Some models can also have standing platforms with side handles for operators to stand on while shifting pallets long distances or for long periods without tiring.

Where The Value Is

Products are valuable and you want them moved as safely and efficiently as possible, but our gold isn’t what we carry on the forks of our pallet jacks, but it’s who’s holding the tiller. Your staff are worth their weight in gold, so investing in their safety and physical well being is an investment in your business.

Pallet Jacks are an essential machine for many industries and are used every day up and down our country. However, they can also be a very overlooked piece of equipment.

By shifting to electric pallet trucks, not only can you provide your staff with the power to work more efficiently and confidently, but you’ll also be keeping your most valuable assets safe.