4-Way Electric Pallet Trucks
Model Number


Capacity (kg)


Volume (L)


Fork Span (mm)


Fork Length (mm)


Lift Height (mm)

61 - 115

Operation Time (s)


Swept Radius (mm)


Travel Speed (km/h)

4.6 - 4.8

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Weight (kg)



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These low-profile pallet trucks conveniently provide 4-way access to all pallets, including the CHEP blue pallet with its lower sides. These pallet trucks have both electric driving and lifting, putting no physical strain on the user and eliminating potential back injuries caused by pushing or pulling heavy loads manually. The speed of the pallet truck can be reduced by keeping the tiller in a more vertical position, allowing greater accuracy when moving in tight spaces.

  • Battery Type: Built-in Rechargeable
  • Driving: Electric
  • Finish: Powder-coated
  • Lifting: Electric
  • Pallet Access: 4-Way
  • Pallet truck and forks are controlled by easy to use buttons on the tiller which includes a turtle speed button for slower, precise movements and left and right-handed lift buttons for practical operation for all users
  • Tandem fork rollers improve travel on uneven ground and obstacle clearance
  • Removable rechargeable lithium battery
  • High contrast display shows battery charge with a low battery warning
  • Ergonomic tiller with comfortable grip ensures operators can use the pallet truck for long periods of time without tiring
  • Horn
  • Emergency stop button on the tiller
  • Steel wheel cover to protect the operator's feet
  • 1 Year Warranty

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