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CHEP 4-Way Pallet Truck
4-way pallet truck - lift equipment
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Capacity (kg)


Fork Span (mm)


Fork Length (mm)


Lift Height (mm)

65 - 170



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These low-profile pallet trucks conveniently provide 4-way access to all pallets, including the CHEP blue pallet with its lower sides. These trucks are designed for rigorous every-day use pushing and pulling pallets in a wide range of industries. They easily lift pallets with their tiller-pump and release trigger.

Features & Benefits

  • Manually Propelled
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 4-Way pallet access
  • Pressure relief overload valve prevents damage of the pallet truck if it is loaded above its maximum capacity
  • Zinc plated hydraulic pump means it will always run smoothly, even if the pump gets wet
  • Polyurethane (PU) wheels and rollers are durable, non-marking and quiet
  • Tandem fork rollers improve travel on uneven ground and obstacle clearance
  • Chrome bearing bushes and joints ensure quiet, smooth running and long service life
  • Strong warp-resistant steel construction
  • Ergonomic tiller with comfortable grip ensures operators can use the pallet truck for long periods of time without tiring
  • Some Assembly Required

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