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A-Safe Flexible Rack-End Barrier
Rack End Barrier Flexible Plastic from A-Safe
Model Number


Rail Lengths (mm)

600 - 2200

Overall Height (mm)


Tested Impact Energy (joules)

15100 - 21350

Equivalent Vehicle Weight (kg)

6000 - 8500

Equivalent Vehicle Speed (km/h)

8 - 8


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Flexible Rack End Guards

A-Safe Rackend barrier protects the ends of racking aisles where turning vehicles and equipment can often impact vulnerable rack legs. A-Safe's flexible plastic barrier flexes on impact, absorbing and dissipating impact forces before reforming to its original shape. They have minimal ongoing maintenance costs for replacing parts and repairing floors when impacts occur and are food and hygiene-area safe. A-safe barrier withstands more impact than their steel barrier alternatives.


Effective Rack End and Shelving Protection

A-Safe's World's Leading Barrier Technology delivers superior rack end protection from vehicles and forklifts, but also minimises replacement costs as it reforms to its original shape after accidental collisions.


Astrolift is New Zealand's Preferred Supplier of Flexible Rack end Protection

A-Safe products are supplied locally through Astrolift New Zealand. Our local technical and support staff have a vast amount of project management and workplace safety expertise. For all your questions and help needed for your next barrier project, please contact your local rep via our contact page details.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Plastic (Non-conductive, Food Safe and Hygiene Area Safe)
  • Flexes on impact, absorbing most forces.
  • Memaplex 1 Temperature Tolerance: -10 to +50° Celsius
  • Memaplex 2 Temperature Tolerance: -40 to +30° Celsius
  • No re-painting needed if impacted
  • Outperforms steel and other barrier systems
  • Safe for food contact
  • Non-toxic
  • ISO/ TR 10358 Chemical Resistance
  • Protects the integrity of floors

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