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Traffic Barrier

  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: November 18, 2021

Traffic barrier is used to protect buildings, machinery and products from vehicle impacts, or to protect people in designated walkways where vehicles are in operation.

How Much Can Traffic Barrier Protect From?

The amount of force a barrier can withstand depends on the weight of the object, speed, and angle at which it is travelling in relation to the barrier.

Both our A-SAFE flexible plastic and GuardX Steel barrier can withstand direct impacts from 3 tons at low speeds, and A-SAFE barrier can also withstand impacts up to 36 tons at smaller angles (see individual barrier types for full details).

Check out our safety barrier and bollard showcase website to view all products

The level of protection also depends on how much room there is between the barrier and what you’re trying to protect. If a barrier is too close to what you’re protecting, the impact of a vehicle may bend or buckle the barrier enough to still impact what’s behind it.

When planning out a barrier install, our project managers work with you through the whole process, to ensure your safety barrier is installed efficiently.

Which type of Traffic Barrier do I need?

Traffic barrier is available at different heights and finishes depending on the area its hazards. Putting the wrong type in the wrong location could lead to bad results.

However, you don’t need to exclusively choose one type of barrier. We have a few different types of warehouse barrier available, and each type is suited for different areas and levels of impact. By using the right combination of barrier types throughout your workplace, you can get the optimal safety in each area.