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Buy Electric Straddle Stacker in Pallet Stackers available at Astrolift NZ
Buy Electric Straddle Stacker in Pallet Stackers available at Astrolift NZ
Model Number


Capacity (kg)


Fork Span (mm)

255 - 800

Fork Length (mm)


Lift Height (mm)

50 - 3515

Lifting Speed (mm/s)

0.11 - 0.16

Lowering Speed (mm/s)

0.13 - 0.11

Mast Height (mm)

2290 Lowered - 4100 Raised



Travel Speed (km/h)


Maximum Gradability (%)

4% loaded | 10% loaded

Turning Radius (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)

1180 - 1480

Overall Height (mm)

2290 - 4100

Weight (kg)

830 (including battery)


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Straddle Pallet Stacker

The front outriggers of the straddle stackers are designed to go around the edges of the pallet, making them compatible with pallets that have or do not have bottom runner boards. This unit operates with both electric drive and lift functions, reducing the risk of workplace injuries for operators handling heavy loads. Thanks to its compact design and good turning radius, this stacker allows operators to navigate easily through tight spaces.

Electrically-Propelled & Lifting 

This Straddle stacker features Battery electric motors for both lifting and driving functions. The use of an electric lifting greatly enhances the safety and efficiency of raising and lowering heavy loads, thereby minimizing the physical exertion needed by the operator. Additionally, electric driving enhances operational safety in comparison to manual methods.

Increased productivity 

These pallet stackers are the ideal choice for almost any warehouse or factory situation where pallet handing in confined spaces is required. They are easy to use and speed up the process compared to manual options making them a safe and reliable choice. 

Features & Benefits

  • Great stability and safety with its 3-point structure design
  • Adjustable width support legs
  • Adjustable width forged forks

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