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5 Areas of Pallet Handling Equipment

  • Published: October 29, 2019

  • Updated: November 22, 2019

Pallets are a common item in most warehouse and factory operations, but what isn’t so common is the knowledge of what products are out there to help increase the safety and efficiency at which we use pallets. Let’s take a look at the five primary areas pallet handling equipment can help you. 

1. Moving Pallets

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks, or pallet trucks, are one of the most commonly used machines for shifting pallets. They’re small, easy to use, and work well in confined spaces. You mightn’t be aware, however, that there are now a lot of advanced features available for pallet trucks.

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Pallet Stackers

Pallet stackers are the miniature electric forklifts, designed specifically for those areas that are too narrow for a forklift or where one just isn’t available. They’re available with a wide range of height and leg configurations depending on what you need.

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2. Loading and Unloading Pallets

Pallet Rotators

Pallet Rotators are great assistance for loading and unloading pallets. By allowing your pallet to rotate, you can load and unload from one point, reducing the amount of carrying you are required to do.

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Spring Lift Tables

These lift tables have built-in springs to handle the raising and lowering of the table. These are great for dealing with pallet loads at the table will lower as weight is added, and raise as weight is removed. This keeps the table top at an ergonomic working height and reduces the need to bend when lifting.

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3. Wrapping Pallets

Pallet Wrappers are a key feature in operations that wrap and dispatch loads of palletised goods. We have a range of pallet wrappers available ranging from manual wrapping to robotic.

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4. Changing Pallets

In the cases where you frequently need to change the pallet from under a load, a pallet inverter could be a big timesaver.

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5. Storing Pallets

After pallet have been used and are waiting for their next purpose, keeping them stacked safely and tidily can be difficult depending on how they’re being stacked.

If you’re sticking pallets with a forklift, then a pallet straightener can be a great solution for quickly aligning all of the pallets before you put the stack down.

If you primarily use pallet trucks for moving your pallets, then using pallet dispensers can be a great solution. Pallet dispensers hold onto a stack of pallets that aren’t in use, and pallets can be easily added to or removed from the stack by pallet truck.

Safe on every level

Whether your pallets are overhead on a pallet stacker, moving by pallet truck, begin wrapped or sitting stacked in a corner, having the right equipment in those areas will help ensure the safety of your staff and enable them to do their work mo