• Flexible Conveyors

    Flexible Conveyors

    Flexible conveyors (also known as expandable conveyors) are ideally suited to discharge product from a case sealer or carton erector. The expandable conveyor can be bent back on itself to return boxes to an operator for sealing, packing, or labelling. Flexible conveyors are suited to moving lightweight packages and are commonly used at the end of production lines to move product to an operator for storage, or to a truck for delivery. Expandable conveyors come in both skate wheel and roller options. Skate wheels are good for objects with flat bottoms and allow for objects to poke slightly beyond the width of the conveyor. Roller wheels are ideal for goods with uneven, open, or flimsy bottoms.

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  • Pallet Conveyors

    Pallet Conveyors

    Pallet conveyors are generally easy maintenance systems with high throughput rates. Roller pallet conveyor systems are designed to resist dirt, oil, heat, and a variety of contaminants. These conveyors can handle a variety of weights and sizes for goods and are generally quiet to operate. Astrolift can provide both gravity and powered pallet conveyor systems. Rollers can span the width of the conveyor for maximum load capacity, or have a space or walkway in between two lanes of rollers so that an operator can manually push the pallet along a section of the conveyor.

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  • Roller Conveyors

    Roller Conveyors

    Gravity-driven roller conveyors are good for moving solid, stable goods, preferably with a flat bottom from A to B. Rollers generally come in aluminium for lighter duties, or steel, which is heavier but more durable. Roller conveyors can also come in plastic or stainless steel. Roller conveyors are generally the choice when you need to side load, push off, accumulate, or adjust roller pressure. Roller conveyors can be gravity driven, belt driven, chain driven, or shaft driven. Using a roller conveyor system allows flexibility with accumulation, stops, gates, diverters and other options.

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  • Telescopic Conveyors

    Telescopic Conveyors

    Our telescopic conveyors are designed for loading vehicles by having the conveyor's telescopic boom extend into the vehicle.

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