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Shrink Film Manual Wrap Dispenser

Hand-held Pallet Wrap Dispensers allow you to adjust the tension when Stretch-Wrapping Pallets Manually. Astrolift's quality Hand Wrap Dispensers provides better stretch and hold, while allowing the user to manually wrap pallets on site vs transporting them to a dedicated Pallet Wrapping Station. 

The more tension on the pallet wrap the better wrap finish you get, thus protecting your goods in transport from weather or dust and stabilize the load in transit.


Benefits of using a Manual Shrink Wrap Dispenser

All New Zealand Businesses - From Small to Large can take advantage of the mobility and use of the hand dispenser. With Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Hand-Held Shrink Wrapping of pallets is an effective practice as everyday use. For larger sized businesses, giving the ability to manually wrap pallets where they are being prepared can speed up delivery output and reduce process bottlenecks. 


How Handheld Pallet Wrap Film Dispensers Work

The top Vice section of the Hand Wrapper can be tightened and loosened, not only to adjust for various sized Film Rolls, but it also has the added benefit of manually controlling the tension of the film before you wrap the pallet. This makes the film stretch more and the better it will hold your pallet together. Astrolift supply quality Shrink-Wrap dispensers to suit any size hand pallet. 

Hand Stretchwrap Dispenser from Astrolift has a sturdy telescopic shaft which is wound to fit a wide range of Shrink Wrap Roll Sizes. These moulded handgrip and top handle it is very easy to use.

Features & Benefits

  • Back saving device
  • Safe and efficent

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