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Double Traffic Barrier Galvanised Steel
Traffic Barrier Double Guard X
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510 - 2945

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Double Rail Steel Traffic Barrier

Astrolift's Galvanised Steel Traffic Barriers provide High-Strength Crash Impact resistance from vehicles, trucks and forklifts - Made from high grade galvanised steel, which is ideally suited for Clean-Area Manufacturing and advanced weather and deterioration resistance.


Astrolift Double Rail Vehicle Barrier Key Benefits

Astrolift's Traffic Barriers feature a unique, patented design which integrates an ergonomic hand rail which won't cut hands with sharp edges and act as a disability/slippery cement safety rail.

Steel Vehicle Traffic barriers protects damage occurring from accidental impacts from forklifts or other vehicles operating within the business. Our unique, Double-rail Galv Steel barrier protects against impacts from most vehicles and minimises damage or harm in the workplace. 


Why Astrolift's Steel Traffic Barriers are Unique

Our steel GuardX guard rail is heavy-duty steel fitted in an attractive slim profile. As bolt-in barrier this is a versatile guarding option for permanent or temporary safety barriers, providing excellent impact tolerance and protects your people and assets from moving machinery. Various lengths and heights are available on enquiry. With a powder-coated finish, this barrier is ideal for indoor use. With a galvanised finish, this barrier is ideal for outdoor use.

For this double-high barrier, two rails are required between the posts. A simple way to work out how many rail sections are needed is to double the number of posts, then subtract 2.

E.G. 5x posts = (5x2=10, less 2) = 8 Rails

Features & Benefits

  • Galvanised Finish
  • The rail bolts to the insides of the post creating a slim profile
  • Top rail edge doubles as a handrail
  • A modular design allowing any area to be protected
  • Impacted tested and proven it can keep assets safe

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