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Steel Traffic Barrier

  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

Steel traffic barrier is a sturdy stopping force for directing pedestrians or protecting things from vehicular impacts

Sturdy and Sleek

They’re designed to have a slim profile to reduce the amount of valuable space taken up, and the powder-coated over galvanized options can be made with custom colours.

  • Eye-Pleasing Design - Our steel barrier is constructed from high-quality steel. The rails tuck in-between posts to give the rail a sleeker profile, taking up less valuable space. The bolts screw into the insides of the posts, hiding them from plain sight and making this system very pleasing to the eye.
  • Pedestrian Comfort - Unlike road-barrier style systems, our steel rails are rolled under at the top so that they are smooth and comfortable to grip as a handrail. This eliminates the need to install an additional handrail when using GuardX Traffic barrier to separate pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Ease of Installation - Steel traffic barriers have a simple modular bolt-together construction. The system is fixed to the ground using four standard Dynabolts at each post base. We stock 8 standard lengths of rail and can customise lengths when required. Spacers can also be provided for levelling uneven surfaces.

Our traffic barriers are available in powder-coated, galvanised, and powder-coated over galvanised finishes.

Safety Yellow is our standard colour that we keep in stock, however other colours are available with powder-coated over galvanised finish. Below are a selection of our most common colours, however custom colours are also available.

GuardX Traffic Barrier


Complies with Section of AS/NZS 1657 (legislation pertaining to guard rails for heights) regarding minimum rail and infill rail heights for hand and guard rail, as we feel that this section is relevant to worksite traffic management barrier.

Complies with NZS 1170.1, Section 3.8 a) i). This means the barrier will withstand a 30kN impact, which is equivalent to a 3 ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/h.

The single rail GuardX traffic barrier also complies with Section 3.8b) which implies the ability to withstand an impact of 40kN. This is the equivalent to a 4 ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/h.