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Janitors Cart
Janitors Cart
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Introducing our versatile Janitor's Cart,

The ultimate cleaning companion for commercial and institutional settings. This lightweight and efficient cart is designed to streamline your cleaning operations, making them faster and more organized. With ample storage space for cleaning supplies, waste disposal, and convenient features like a mop and broom holder, it's your trusted partner in maintaining a spotless environment. Crafted for durability and mobility, our Janitor's Cart is a must-have for janitorial professionals and facility managers seeking top-notch cleanliness with ease. Elevate your cleaning game with our reliable Janitor's Cart today!

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Buckets for various uses
  • Large volume Garbage collection bag
  • Removable Garbage Bag
  • Various Storage options
  • Quiet castors and wheels for minimum disturbance while moving
  • User friendly handle

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