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Lifting Equipment

  • Forklift Attachments

    Forklift Attachments

    We stock a range of forklift attachments including fork extensions, forklift-mounted drum and roll lifters, and forklift-mounted self-dumping bins.

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  • Pallet Stackers

    Pallet Stackers

    Pallet stackers are built for stacking pallets or lifting them onto shelving. See our huge range of hand winch lifters, hand stackers, electric pallet stacker, straddle lifters, auto-levelling pallet stackers.

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  • Scissor Lift Tables

    Scissor Lift Tables

    From stationary scissor lift tables and dock lifters to mobile lift tables and spring lift tables. We offer a huge range of lift table equipment. Visit our site to see the comprehensive range.

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  • Self-loading Lifters

    Self-loading Lifters

    These trolleys lift up to load themselves into vehicles or onto higher platforms.

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  • Utility Lifters

    Utility Lifters

    We have a wide range of utility lifters including platform lifters, bowl lifters, bottle lifters, small fork lifters and bread crate lifters. We can custom manufacture lifting equipment to suit your needs.

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