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  • Published: August 22, 2019

  • Updated: March 16, 2020

Workplaces can be fast-paced and have potential dangers. Everyone wants to make it home safe at the end of the day so our barrier is designed to make sure you do.

Keeping You Safe Every Day

A brief distraction can have a disastrous result. When people and moving machinery work in the same area, the chances of something going wrong are exponentially higher. In our workplaces, we need to make sure that our workers, machinery and products remain safe at all times; and one way to head off a lot of potential dangers is with the installation of traffic and pedestrian barrier.

A painted line on the floor is no longer an acceptable means of separation between vehicles and pedestrians.

High-risk areas that need careful planning include any area where pedestrians and forklifts can easily cross paths. The design and installation of safety materials help eliminate the risk of forklift incidents.

Here at Astrolift, we help businesses solve their workplace safety issues by working with them to upgrade their traffic management plans and install appropriate products to create a safe working environment.

How Can We Help?

The process of finding the right barrier combinations for your site and installing them can be a complex and time-consuming process.

We have a team of trained barrier professionals who will guide you through your project from planning to installation, making the process simple and error free. We work with many industries and understand not only the hazards that exist in your workplace but how to navigate those hazards safely with the appropriate barrier options.


Bollards are a crucial addition to workplaces with machinery or vehicles as they offer protection for both pedestrians and staff. Bollards create a visible and physical barrier and can be fixed or removable to suit your specific space and needs.

Warehouse Barrier

Warehouse barrier is designed for either protecting from impacts or guiding pedestrians.

Our barrier ranges provide the safety you need for your equipment, machinery and staff. You have many options across both steel and high-impact flexible materials. The type of barrier chosen for the space depends on the speed and weight of machinery, and how you need the barrier to function in your space.

Barrier Compliance

There is no specific legislation covering workplace barrier for traffic management, however there are various safety certifications that barrier can apply to, to which our barrier ranges have been tested and certified for.